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I started at Snowblind as the lone Technical Artist with no leadership to help direct me into any of the numerous tasks that needed to be done to ship a product. Miles changed his role at the time to bring much needed help and professional direction to the team. Under his leadership we became a pivotal team that was not only needed, but also irreplaceable in the amount of knowhow and sheer work ethic he guided us to provide. Tools and pipelines were very few and Miles helped to organize, educate, and guide the whole project onto a working and shippable pipeline. Besides his pipeline contributions, he was a pleasure to work with. Always striving to deliver on any promises made while also being realistic about the extent in what his team would be able to deliver. He checked in with his team to make sure that everything was going smoothly, and if not, helped to get things back on track. A great boss and great friend, Miles is the type of professional that any team should hope to have. Because without people in the industry like Miles, not only would some titles be subpar, we wouldn’t have good leadership.
MIles is one of those rare game artist that has it all - the mind to fully understand the underlying technology and ability to use it to solve real issues and optimize the game pipeline, the eyes and hands to create awesome 3D game assets and art direct other artists and the best teamplayer. Just an all-around awesome guy, so easy to talk to and so awesome to work with. A definite 11 in my book.
I would recommend Miles for no other reason than his positive attitude towards his work, colleagues and life in general. But apart from that, I find his grasp for aesthetics and technical thinking to be exceptional. You're in good hands if he's in charge.
Miles' huge knowledge base, high quality art and attention to detail have made him an invaluable asset in multiple projects. Miles doesn't wait around for decisions to me made, he helps find the solution. His work ethic allows him to always deliver incredible art assets. He has a natural ability to lead and strengthens teams through his example. Miles has helped me on many projects, his input has always helped me to achieve better results, whether it be modeling, rigging, lighting, texturing or painting. I highly recommend Miles and look forward to working with him again in the future.
Miles is an extremely creative art director and digital artist. He is steadfast in his focus and very committed to finding the best solution for any creative project. His is loyalty and kindness to colleagues and associates makes him and ideal team member, or team leader.
Miles is an outstanding and talented artist and animator. He has developed and created the artwork for several of my board games and has done web design for my businesses. He is as honest and hard working as the day is long. I would recommend Miles for any work whatsoever.
Miles is a fantastic person to work with whose skills go well beyond his formal title. He has a great combination of aesthetic vision, technical skills, and strategic thinking which reflect his talent as both an artist and leader. Best of all, he tackles everything with a friendly smile, hearty laugh, and "can do" attitude. He is helpful to anyone who comes to his door and will do anything he can to assist his teammates. He is the guy you need to listen to on the team and support of his success means everyone wins. I would highly recommend Miles for any artistic leadership position.
Miles personally molded the visual department at Counterpoint Studios. He single handedly introduced a department of editing, compositing, and 3D animation. He tackled all sorts of projects with a creative and goal oriented strategies. Projects were always completed on-time and done within budget that exceded the client's expectations. Working with Miles has taught me much about business, the art of client communication and an incredible work ethic. Being able to work side by side as brothers for years shows that Miles is able to work and excel in whatever he wants to do.
Miles is a highly skilled and dedicated artist. He constantly strives to hit the highest visual bar while working within the restrictions of the game engine. He created bold environments on Justice League with the same enthusiasm he brings to all of his work. His cinematic knowledge and talents were indispensible on that project.
Miles is a brilliant artist, and I couldn't possibly recommend anyone more highly. In this role, we needed him to imagine, design, and then build assets for all types of games -- from casual card games to high-fantasy RPG characters and environments -- as well as company branding and media. He juggled all of the different requirements with ease, and delivered everything with outstanding quality, on time, and on budget. His responsibilities also included team leadership, hiring, and planning and strategy. He pulled it all off with style, and was a unifying force on the team. He was (and is) honest, dedicated, loyal, focused, and creative -- you just can't find a better partner.
Miles was great to work with and a terrific lead. He always held a positive spirit, has always been respectful, and was always an encouraging and motivating person. He's dedicated to his work, whether it's music, 2d, or 3d art, he is responsible, and an active 'do-er' to make any improvements or changes happen. He was a great manager. I always felt that he was looking out for his team and understood our individual strengths and weaknesses, which was invaluable when the tech-art times got 'crunchy.' He was supportive to tech-art being a multidisciplinary field and encouraged such and I think he really brought the team to its fullest potential.
Miles is one of the most talented and versatile artists I’ve ever met, and I feel very fortunate to be one of his colleagues. His art and innovative ideas continue to raise the bar at work. He is also, by far, the most technically proficient artist I know. I’ve learned a great deal from him, and I lost count on how many times I’ve come to him for assistance. It’s rare that he isn’t able to solve the problem at hand. Snowblind Studios, where we work, has benefited tremendously from his contributions, and it wouldn’t be the company it is today if it wasn’t for his efforts. Another thing that continues to “wow” me about Miles is the vast breadth of skill he has in digital art and media. While most artists such as myself specialize in one aspect of production such as characters, he can practically do it all: characters, environments, concepts, technical artist, rigging, animation, VFX, compositing, and even audio. He’s also a great guy to work with – enthusiastic, congenial, easily approachable, and always eager to help others despite how busy he always is. I couldn’t imagine Snowblind Studios without him.