Character Lighting – The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

The lighting in the Snowblind engine was separate from the environments. I set up all the lighting for the game with multiple zones in each level. I also lit the cinematics and conversations. In addition to implementation of lighting, I also took a large role in designing the lighting system, suggesting features, developing techniques, and […]

Justice League Heroes – Front End Video

This is a movie I made for the front end of the game. It looped behind the starting menu. I modeled, textured, animated, rendered, composited and formated this movie for 4 platforms. It was rendered in 12 passes including star field, moonscape, building, vehicles, shadows, light glows, and many other little details. I added the […]

Procedural Combat Cameras – Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

This video shows a lot of combat cameras I designed. They are cinematically crafted while allowing the player to drive them at the same time. I designed these procedural cameras: Stealth Kill (1:04) Death From Above (1:52) Slow-mo Brutal Kill (2:19, 2:27, 2:37, 6:38: 6:47 ) Last Chance (2:33, 7:13) Domination (3:15) Domination Release (4:10) […]