Character Lighting – The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

The lighting in the Snowblind engine was separate from the environments. I set up all the lighting for the game with multiple zones in each level. I also lit the cinematics and conversations. In addition to implementation of lighting, I also took a large role in designing the lighting system, suggesting features, developing techniques, and […]

Justice League Heroes – Front End Video

This is a movie I made for the front end of the game. It looped behind the starting menu. I modeled, textured, animated, rendered, composited and formated this movie for 4 platforms. It was rendered in 12 passes including star field, moonscape, building, vehicles, shadows, light glows, and many other little details. I added the […]

Character System Design – Dark Abyss

As Lead Character Artist I worked with artists to help them create high quality characters. I designed the work flow, set technical standards, designed shaders, and approved characters. My experience on the Champions series proved invaluable as I designed and set up the new character customization for this game. The system I developed includes customizable […]

Antihero – Game Pitch Video – Compositing & Audio Sweetening

ANTIHERO (Short Version) ANTIHERO (Full Version) This was created to pitch “the next game”. It was animated by John VanDeusen. Brian Sostrom did the world art. I managed the rendering, compositing, title graphics, editing, post color correction, and all audio. The rendering took days and days for each pass. I believe we did a pass […]

Costume Design – Champions: Return to Arms

I concepted, modeled, textured, rigged, and skinned these and countless other character armor variations (350+ armor pieces). Snowblind was a small team of 15 people when I started so after I did a few armor sets and earned the art director’s trust trust he pretty much gave me free reign to take these from concept […]

Character Modeling/Texturing – Elf of Dark Abyss

I modeled and textured her body, underwear and light green “bikini” armor. The dark green plate armor was modeled and textured by Chalres Kim, a great artist. I built all the shaders including the armor and skin, and oversaw all production. I also built eye shaders to catch the light in the iris. HUNTRESS WIREFRAME […]