Character System Design – Dark Abyss

As Lead Character Artist I worked with artists to help them create high quality characters. I designed the work flow, set technical standards, designed shaders, and approved characters. My experience on the Champions series proved invaluable as I designed and set up the new character customization for this game. The system I developed includes customizable hair, eyes, skin tone, tattoo style, tattoo placement, and tattoo color. In addition the armor is a modular system where each piece of armor can be removed and replaced with other parts. The system allows for swapable helmets, shoulderpads, chestplates, gloves, leggings, boots, capes, shields and weapons. I developed the technical method to show procedural “ambient FX” on the player character, armor, shields, and weapons including wear and tear/damage, dirt, frost, blood, and water. In addition, I modeled and textured the female dryad player character. I also re-textured the ogre, boarhog, zombies, and a few other creatures.

I designed the character creation system. I designed shaders to switch tattoo designs as well as change the placement and color. I oversaw the production of all characters in this game, including player characters, enemies, and NPCs (quest givers). I helped design the sever system and designed huge workflow optimizations to get better results. I worked with John Van Deusen, the Lead Animator, to create great deformation, severing, and variation.

I DID NOT create the male character but I included him because I heavily influenced the quality bar as the Lead Character Artist. I was closely involved at every step, making decisions to keep the game looking great.