Cinematic System – The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

The cinematic system was designed by me and James Ross from the ground up. It was started with the mandate that there would not be support for a cinematic tool. So we figured out how to make 3DSMax our cinematic tool. The system had to allow for character customization and multiple weapon types. One huge […]

Procedural Conversation System – The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

One of my favorite accomplishments in WITN is the procedural conversation system. James Ross, a brilliant engineer, and I designed, tested, and implemented the system. The game had hundreds of conversations, delivering over 10,000 lines of dialogue. In addition, the team had virtually no resources to dedicate to the conversations.   The conversation system was […]

Character System Design – Dark Abyss

As Lead Character Artist I worked with artists to help them create high quality characters. I designed the work flow, set technical standards, designed shaders, and approved characters. My experience on the Champions series proved invaluable as I designed and set up the new character customization for this game. The system I developed includes customizable […]

Antihero – Game Pitch Video – Compositing & Audio Sweetening

ANTIHERO (Short Version) ANTIHERO (Full Version) This was created to pitch “the next game”. It was animated by John VanDeusen. Brian Sostrom did the world art. I managed the rendering, compositing, title graphics, editing, post color correction, and all audio. The rendering took days and days for each pass. I believe we did a pass […]

Character Materials – The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

  I designed the material structure for all characters in the game. In essence the system allowed artists to customize the shader to adapt to the needs of the character, and then it overlaid another shader containing the procedural “status effects” of blood, water, frost, dirt/snow. Initially I had damage and wear hooked up to […]

Sever System – The Lord Of The Rings: War In The North

  Making characters sever properly turned out to be more complicated than I originally guessed. There were many issues to consider at early stages of the character creation. We learned by trial and error to organize our material IDs in an efficient layout to reduce draw calls.   Basically, we had to build 2 versions […]