“Alright to be You” Interview on the Glass Box Podcast


I am so happy to be featured in the Glass Box podcast. Braden Hamm conducted a 30 minute interview segment with Angela Soffe and me about our individual religious journeys, our song “Alright to be You”, and the Be Moved project.

There were some touching interactions between us. Listening to it today, I felt so lucky to be involved in such a rewarding project, and to interact with such wonderful people like Angela and Braden.

The Glass Box Podcast is the creation of Bryce Blankenagel and Braden Hamm. The podcast discusses topics from a Post-Mormon perspective, including news, current events, politics, and pop-culture. Their upbeat outlook is contagious. As their webpage says: ” Hopefully we’ll leave you feeling like the world isn’t actually on fire in spite of what other media may have you believe.”

I have been a listener from episode one and am a huge fan of these guys.