Miles In Studio

Milocraft (AKA Miles Germer) is an electronica musician, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and a visual artist.

Most recently, Milocraft is teaming up with accomplished singer/songwriter, Angela Soffe, on their Be Moved project. On January 18, 2019 they released their first collaborative single called “Alright to be You“.

In 2012 Milocraft funded and released his first commercial album called Epic Carols with a fundraising campaign on

Growing up in a family with professional musicians as parents, music was the way of life. With six kids who also played music there was always a violin, trumpet, or piano blaring away from somewhere in the home. They even had a family singing group complete with programs and dance steps.

At the age of 14, his father, a professional musician, bought a new synthesizer keyboard (Ensonique ASR 10) to help his father compose symphonic music. Luckily for Miles, it also doubled as a virtual multi-track recording machine. Miles learned the basics of recording and songwriting on that machine, spending countless summer nights laying down tracks and beats, sampling old records, and writing his own songs.

Miles pursued music throughout his formal schooling, participating in the Madrigals in high school as well as various musicals, and the Concert Choral at the University of Utah. He also sang in multiple barbershop quartets.

In 1990 he formed a band called “Ditto” with Brian Peterson. Recording on a borrowed 4 -track recorder, they released an album called “Red Rock Shock” in 1991.

In 1993 Miles started his career in computer graphics while attending the University of Utah, studying Fine Arts. Miles continued to work on solo and collaborative musical projects, releasing singles like “Ponymeat” and “Did You Ever Know Him?”.

In 1998 Miles married and started a family. He put off musical interests in favor of pursuing his career in motion graphics. Miles moved to Seattle in 2001 as a founding partner of a tech start-up and began to make video games in 2003.

Miles resumed his musical pursuits in 2003 with Reason from Propellerhead. He began to accrue gear and software to ramp up his musical aspirations. He eventually started using Cubase and adopted it as his main DAW.

In 2010 miles collected his various songs into the “Miles and Friends, Anthology – The Early Years”, which contains 10 albums of music and entertainment.

Epic Carols, an electronic rendition of traditional Christmas carols, was released in 2012. It is available in every major music outlet including Spotify and iTunes. Stephanie Mason, an accomplished vocalist, is featured on four tracks.

When asked about his passion for creating music, Miles says “I love to lose myself in the rhythmic melodies and hypnotizing beats, especially when I am virtually falling asleep at the keyboard.”

Miles has stated that he is inspired by European electronic music, as well as instrumental genres such as new wave, trance, post-rock, and DBM. He cites his biggest influences as U2, Depeche Mode, Erasure, Sting, Yes, Vast, BT, Seven Lions, Celldweller, Infected Mushroom, and Goldfrapp.

Miles currently lives in the Seattle, Washington area with his wife and three children where he makes video games as an artist.